Friday, July 04, 2008


Hello and goodmorning everybody!

I finally made it! Here is the place where we will meet again, I hope. I still had no answer from wordpress, and anyway, if I use IE^(which I am doing now also) I all the time get a message, that I am directed there via a not protected site, or something like it. Well, I don't like it, so here we are, at Blogger.

I still have to do a lot about the blog, it isn;t finished yet completely, must find out how to get all my freebies together in a nice way. But I think I know how to do it. I must try it out. But at least I can post again and put a kit on the net. Whoopeeee!

My poor hubby is at the hospital now, and now I am waiting for him to call me, so that I can fetch him. I hope it will not be too annoying for him, the whole process. Then the waiting starts again, for the result. For that he has an appointment on the 10th of July.

What about me the last few days? Well, I was surfing as an idiot on the internet, to get all kinds of information about the blogging on Blogger. To start the blog is no problem, but to get it all in nice place as you want it and some extras I hope to make, that is another question. I am not a wizard at all when it comes to programming with html etc., in fact, I don;t understand a bit about it. And I am always a bit afraid to make radical changes. I am always the lucky one where those things end in a mess!!

This is the first try, hope it works well.

What do you think about the header of the blog? I made it all myself, must say I am a bit proud about it. But if you know me, you can expect, that in future it will change again. HAHAHA.!

I don't know if I will get already a freebielist up for you today, as I am still busy with forming the blog etc. But I have a freebie again for you, with a very nice title, which suites today and the start of this new blog. I called it: BEE HAPPY.
Hope you will like it and I hope that soon you all are gathering here again and that we can have some fun times again.!

In case I will not be posting in the week-end(but I don;t know yet if I will or not, depends of some things) I wish you all a very nice week-end and also




Lara said...

Looks good, specialy the header, I'm glad you find what your looking for and that you're back.
The freebee (wordjoke) is awesome so thank you very much again.

Crafty Nan said...

Welcome back Kyra!! Hope your hubby is much better and then your worries are small ones. Many thanks for your wonderful "Bee Happy" share and big Hugs to you:)

Gidge said...

Good to see you back, sweetie! I like this new site and adore the new Bee kit! Thanks so much for all you do for us. I hope hubby will be back home and back to his ole self soon :-) Have a lovely weekend!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Kyra:)
Soo glad to see you back.:) Sure hope your hubby recovers quickly and you get wonderful news at his next appointment.:)
Your "Bee Happy" kit is adorable!! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing it with me.:)
I am with you when it comes to html.I have no idea what it means or why it is there.LOL I just hope I figure out enough to make my blog work.LOL That is why you don't see my blog change much.hehe If it worked the first time..I leave it.LOL
I hope you have a fantastic weekend too !!!


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Oh..forgot to mention your new's beautiful.Fantastic job on it.!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 04 Jul [LA 03:45am, NY 05:45am, UK 10:45am, OZ 08:45pm]).

breeoxd said...

so glad to see you! great header

lwlittlebit said...

Thanks so much for sharing this pretty kit!

Amber said...

Welcome back!!! Another great kit, as only you can do!! Thanks for sharing. Hope everything is ok with hubby. Have a great day.

Norma said...

Glad to see you back; your new site is really nice. Hope your Jan is much better (I know what that's like, worrying over a sick husband).

Elizabeth said...

Well, this is nice Kyra! The color is pretty, and your header looks great. I'm sure as you go along you'll learn all of Blogger's tricks! Tell your Jan we wish him well and are sending good thoughts his way.

kimberlyrose01 said...

Welcome back! I love the dolls in your header. Hope Jan's home now and feeling better, poor man. ::hugs::

CaliChris said...

Thank You...very cute bees!

logicgrandma said...

Thank you so much. I now have 264 of your kits. :)