Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Great fun yesterday evening

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, yesterday evening I had great fun. A bit later in the evening I installed myself properly on the couch, with a cup of coffee, some chips and two cats close to me and watched the movie: Startrek, generations". I really love those films from Startrek. It may seem weird to you, but I like the fantasy in it, with always the thought in the back of your head, that MAY BE in far future all this could be possible. And it is never too violent. Okay, they shoot a few starships in million pieces, but that's all. I always amuse myself very well watching those films. So I had a nice evening.

Also finished the kit I was working on, it will be posted one of these days. Hopefully I will get Jan on his feet and moving today, to find another tv. I am all fed up now with all the apparel that is only working half or even not at all anymore. And when it's enough with me, it really is. Then there has to come something new and right on!

I know Jan is again a bit stressed up, because tomorrow we go for the results of the test. I try not to be. It comes, just as it has to come. Nothing can be changed on that. But all this sometimes gets a bit to me, and just a few days ago I had an eruption like a little vulcano! So I first threw out all that was bothering me in very short time, then I shed a few tears(some because I cannot change the situation for him and some because suddenly I felt myself soooo much to pity).
You didn't know that part of my character yet, hmmmmm??. Well, I am NOT always that kind and charming as you might think.
Now on to the kit. I am a bit in the animal atmosphere I think, first the bees and now I have butterflies for you. And later this week more animal things will come. But now butterflies. Always nice to make something with it. Name of the kit: "Butterfly Splendour". I think this isn't chosen wrong, because there are so many sorts of butterflies in all kind of colours. The kit is in a 3 colour scheme, but I put in also some butterflies of different colours, to make more various.

Hope you like it and make good use of it.
Have a beautiful day, all of you!



Alifaa said...

Good morning, another try, but if it doesn’t work this time I give up.
All the best for Jan, I understand why he’s nervous, I hope it will be okay.
Some people forget that Jules Verne was booked as a fantasy writer, but remember what become as real and normal from his ‘fantasy’.
Gould you imagine about 15 years ago, that you spend a lot of time creating beautiful scrap kits on a computer? Mobile phone, wireless stuff….and so much more.
So I completely understand that little voice in the back of your head, and maybe that’s the same reason that I don’t like those stories, because I don’t like to live like that.
And of course last but not least, thanks for the wonderful kit

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Greetings Kyra love! I am on my way to bed after working two full days on my poorly neglected house as we prepare for the arrival of my oldest daughter and her new beau tomorrow!!! I am SO excited to see her as she lives 700 miles away!

I will be thinking VERY positive thoughts for Jan tomorrow and you both shall be in my thoughts and prayers.

You know darlin', even the strongest of us have moments where we just need to release all of that pent up stress of being strong for those we love. Even though we don't consciously think we are stressing, our bodies are!

I know for me, shedding tears is a HUGE stress reliever. I can be SO overwhelmed by an onslaught of things, be VERY, VERY strong and then sometimes I walk into another room by myself and let the tears flow! And ... sometimes I don't quite make into another room!!!

You are such a DEAR, SWEET lady and I wish the best for you and Jan.

Thank you Kyra. Thank you for ALL of the time and hard work you put into your creations and for gifting us with them as well as your LONG freebie lists each day. Thank you for listing me continually on your blog!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day and know that I am there with you in spirit!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Edna B said...

Butterflies are always welcome, and I love your color combination.
thank you so much.

Elizabeth said...

thank you, and saying a prayer for you and Jan. Nobody can be a pillar of strength all the time, and if they are, they just may be an android from Star Trek! My son and I have been watching the original series this summer, he's 20, and had never seen them. I love the first series, and we are enjoying that together now. Your cats must be more sophisticated than mine, mine don't seem to appreciate Science Fiction at all!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a Star Trek fan. :) I haven't been all that interested in Star Trek for some time now (more of a Stargate fan here), but I'm off to a sci-fi convention this weekend. Looking forward to indulging my inner geek for a few days. :)

Best of luck to Jan, I'll be sending positive thoughts his way!